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Christmas is a magical and wonderful time and a favorite for` weddings. We’ve had some amazing white weddings, with snow outside and warm halls inside. Beautifully decorated venues and marquees, with a multitude of candles and some of the most delectable catered food. Think ceremonies held in dusk, romantic churches, beautiful music playing and a great party with fantastic entertainment – truly unforgettable!

…Christmas Parties…

Especially popular are the Christmas office parties. Well do we understand how important these are – we have one for ourselves each year! From Moroccan themed harem nights to Hawaiian beach parties. Whether it is several hundred people or a smaller gathering, we can help with all aspects of planning your perfect Christmas event. However, without the decorations and suppliers we use, our events would not be as well known as they are! Our themes have included beach bars with palms, surfboards and warm sandpits to dance in. Heated Bedouin tents with Shisha and beautiful belly dancers. Or the more traditional Winter Wonderland with snow covered trees and glistening fairy lights!

The sooner we start planning the better the chance of securing great venues, not to mention our special offers for early booking. If you’re planning a Wonderful Winter Wedding or a Crazy Christmas Party, call or email and we’ll help you plan a fun and memorable event!

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Too much to Plan? Let us take care of everything

Whether you simply need a helping hand or our full planning service – we can make sure your event is stress free and memorable for the right reasons.