Here are some of our recent testimonials:

You were the lynchpin of the day – we could not have done it without you

Liz and Dave

You’ve helped to make my wedding everything I wanted and more

Wendy, Surrey

Thank you for making this one of the best days of my life

Fran, Brighton

It was exactly the party I wanted and a wonderful night to remember.

Deborah Williams

Thanks for a smashing party. It was very well thought out and there was something for everyone.

Nichola G

Thanks for a great party. The attention to detail was amazing!

Sara S

HUGE thank you to you and your team for your exceptional hard work and skill

Kerry D

Thank you and your team for everything you did to help our evening go smoothly. The room looked fantastic, I loved the flowers in the loo, the way you decorated the tables, the way you helped the guests with their presents and cards, oversaw the cake, and actually the way you did everything quite frankly. If anything wasn’t right we were totally oblivious to it! And we were lucky enough to be blessed with a fantastic evening weather wise as well, thank God.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the feedback we’ve had since has let us know that pretty much everyone else did too!

Thank you Jenny Marks!

Natalie and Nick Miles (or Smiles as we have been nicknamed!!!)